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Plenum Healer: offering metaphysical healing

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The Healing by Pachita

In the introduction to The Ra Material/Book I of the Law of One, Carla describes the spiritual healing she received from a healer named Pachita, in Mexico. However, her description is not quite as impressive as this one, from

Andrija witnessed many operations, including the transplants of human organs. He reports on one case of a kidney transplant in a 34-year-old female patient that he brought from the U.S. to Pachita.

“The patient’s history is that of repeated infections of glomerulonephritis since the age of 13, and atrophy of the adrenal glands. These conditions resulted in markedly diminished urinary function, and severe arthritic deformities due to diminished adrenal function.

Pachita diagnosed the problem correctly, and opined that the patient needed new kidneys. She decided on a two-stage operation.

In the first operation Pachita inserted the knife in the lumbar region of the back. In doing so, she laid open the pelvis of each deformed kidney, and - as she said, “cleaned them out.” The patient was ambulatory within two hours after the operation. She showed some blood in the urine twelve hours post-operative, but the urine was clear thereafter.

Twelve days after the aforementioned operation, Pachita was ready to perform the second operation. She had been able to obtain a human kidney from a post mortem examination. It was brought to her placed in an unsterile jar, suspended in ordinary water, and was stored in a kitchen refrigerator.

On the day of the operation, Pachita lifted the kidney out of the jar with her bloody hands. She then sliced it in two longitudinally, stating that she was going to transplant each half separately. Next she plunged the knife deeply into one side of the back, twisted the knife around, and asked me to drop one kidney half into the hole. I was utterly surprised to find that the kidney in my hand was literally “sucked” into the body of the patient. When I palpated the spot where the kidney had been “sucked” in, I found that the tissue had closed immediately, there was no hole in the skin. It was awesome! In this manner both halves of the kidney were transplanted. The entire operation lasted 92 seconds. One hour afterwards the patient was able to stand. She slept well, and was urinating normally some 14 hours later. After three days she boarded a plane and flew home to the United States."

Andrija was convinced that Pachita’s “instant surgery” was completely genuine, and that no fraud of any kind was possible under his and his colleagues scientific observation and documentation.

From the book Memories Of A Maverick by H.G.M. Hermans, about Andrija Puharich, available on-line at Ra affirms the validity of Pachita’s healing in session 78.

More about Pachita.

The experience of finding the Law of One books

This narrative, from Jean-Claude Koven, mirrors my own first contact with the Ra material. In my case it was the mailman who brought the books, but the experience of being knocked off one’s feet by the information was exactly the same. In fact, I have not necessarily fully recovered yet, more than 30 years later.

...One day, Eli arrived at our door with a four-volume set of books. They were almost 8 1/2" x 11" in size, saddled-stitched (with two staples through the spine), and typewritten rather than set in a conventional publisher’s typeface. The title of each volume was the same: The Law of One. Only the volume numbers changed, denoting the sequence in which they were meant to be read.

The books were transcripts of a series of communications received by a small group in Louisville, Kentucky, commencing in mid-January 1981. The channel was Carla Rueckert; the questioner was an Eastern Airlines pilot, Don Elkins; and the scribe was James McCarty. Together these three highly intelligent, extraordinary people made up a group called L/L Research. The information source called itself “RA, an humble messenger of the Law of One."

I began reading RA’s words the day Eli gave me the books. In short order, they became so perfectly melded into my consciousness that I could no longer speak, act, or think without their influence. To a very large extent, the Universal Myth of Creation and related insights contained in this book flow from the teachings of RA. I am indebted to this earthly/extraterrestrial team beyond measure. Each rereading of their work seems to be the first, presenting me with layer upon layer of fresh, undiscovered information begging consideration. It is through their collective example that I came to appreciate the infinite depth of the journey and the joy it holds for each of us willing to take the risk.

When I first read The Law of One, I felt like Snow White being wakened from her one-hundred-year sleep by the kiss of a prince. I was in psychic shock for nearly two weeks, and it was only through the combined efforts of two remarkably gifted healers visiting Israel from the United Kingdom, Zorika and Pat, that I was once more able to form coherent sentences-although some would still argue otherwise.

On my trip around the world, I stopped in Louisville and spent too brief a time with Carla and Jim. I would have liked to have met Don as well, but he died several years before I got there. I think of them often-especially Don-and the sacrifice each still makes to continue their work.

The greatest channeler ever?

From Michael Topper’s review of Carla Rueckert’s A Channeling Handbook in which he argues that the Ra material ranks with the great philosophical works of all time and Carla Rueckert as the greatest channeler ever.

Without hesitation, then, we present to our readership a brief review of A Channeling Handbook written by the greatest channeler of all time, Carla L. Rueckert.

How can old Monty make such a claim? How dare he state something so baldly?

It’s not that difficult to pare the field, even where there seems to be an overwhelming profusion of channeled material not only from the “fad” of recent history but from records ancient and all-but-sacrosanct from such long-term wear. The Old Testament prophets, for example, virtually channelers-all, while certainly qualifying for consideration by the sheer power of their characteristically fiery communications nonetheless lack—let’s face it—the virtue of profuse, insightful information rationally stated and metaphysically plausible which many of the better channeled communications of modern origin clearly exhibit (making these latter-day missives stand, by any reasonable evaluation, head-and-shoulders—so to speak—above any of the extradimensional invectives delivered to the specialized contexts of some “Sodom and Gomorrah"). We can, therefore, with nary a remorse, strike off a whole region of metaphysical signal-transference as belonging to a past tense of relatively immature development, critically limited in depth and quality of the intercepted “content” (Jehovah generated or not); by comparison especially, we may consider the general “present tense” of modern-day channeling to be an era of “maturity” and “ripeness” (fortunately you can’t see Monty blanch in penning these words). Out of the available pool of modern “channeled” materials then, perhaps beginning arbitrarily with the disputed “Mahatma” letters of Blavatsky that kicked off the “modern era” back in the 1800’s, we may quickly winnow the weedy field since virtually all such communications clearly parcel out into identifiable expression of a given “density” in the hierarchy of dimensional integrities.


Since the rarest and correspondingly most valuable communication from a discarnate source is going to proceed from 6th density, we may assume that once we’ve located such a source we have, ipso facto, located the most likely candidate for “greatest all-time channeling". There is in fact only one major 6th density source-communication in all the available channeled literature, ancient or modern. Suddenly the most-likely candidacy becomes eminently easy to discern. For the Ra material is indeed the single such available source. Inspection and critical comparison of that source with all the others, singly or collectively, demonstrates beyond doubt that the Ra material exhibits the most thorough-going, consistent, wide-embracing and deeply accomplished metaphysic available from any channeled origin (which places it “up there", automatically, with the greatest philosophical expression of any kind). From internal evidence and direct deposition of the parties involved in channeling such a narrowband communication, there was a factor of difficulty correspondingly great and proportionally calibrated to the Magnitude of the Source. Carla L. Rueckert was herself the actual channel, and it is her book on channeling which we have before us in review.

It is exactly the degree of difficulty experienced by the participants of the Ra channeling, which sets that work apart and demonstrates that the art of channeling in its highest form is inseparable from true spiritual practice. It is precisely that degree of difficulty requiring a redoubled dedication and continually renewed service-orientation that obliged the participants to pass constantly beyond themselves. It is for this reason that we may confidently turn to the voice of Carla Rueckert in her Channeling Handbook as the practiced expression of one who became, through such initiatic ordeal, not only a "seasoned professional” but the exemplification of that higher development potentially available through one of the “spiritual” or “metaphysical” means that currently presents itself on the Human Potentials front. In confrontation with the challenge of giving “birth” to an Expression of such (normally) unmanageable dimension, the participants were faced with the implicit choice of dropping it altogether or developing into a higher order of their own Possibility. For it became quickly apparent that a new and uncustomary mode of intensity, an uncommon degree of personal integration, vigilance, group unity and individual initiative was required even to contemplate dealing with so delicate a brand of communication rife with hazard and opportunity for consequential error.

More about Michael Topper.

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